Chanel Nicole, four months, was brought on set of the late night chat show by mum Coco Austin, 37.

The rapper, whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow, 58, admitted having a baby later in live has changed him for the better.

"Muhammad Ali said when you have a baby in the second half of your life, you know I'm in my fifties, it's like you want to hit a restart button on your life," he admitted."All of a sudden, I'm like 'Ice, you've got to stay healthy, you've got to stay in the game.' It's just a beautiful thing."

Host Jimmy couldn't take his eyes of the adorable girl who was dressed in pink with a matching flower headband.

"That is the most beautiful baby" he gushed as Coco let him hold Chanel. He added, "I got to be close to the floor, make sure nothing happens, this is precious cargo right here."

Some of the stars' fans have criticised Ice-T, who also stars in crime show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and his wife Coco, for showing off their little girl on social media.

The proud parents have created Instagram and Twitter accounts for Chanel which they use to post pictures of their little girl in cute outfits. Dismissing the controversy he said, "We've gotten absolutely nothing but 100 per cent love," he said, thanking fans. "It kind of gives you hope in humanity... lets you see that humans can really be nice."

After snapping a group selfie on the Tonight Show couch, former model Coco, said she has high hopes for her little girl being a natural in front of the camera.

"I've got the camera in her face at all times at this point. She poses, she moves her eyes and looks at the camera. She's going to be awesome in five years," she gushed. "Look at him, you know he used to diss all the parents that would take their phone out over dinner (to show baby photos). Now he's the one."

Ice-T may have taken to his role as a new dad, but he's still young at heart, admitting that he played XBox in the delivery room while waiting for his little girl to be born. "It kills time. You can get some work in, get some levels. I was leveling up!" he joked.

The legendary hip-hop emcee next stars as corrupt cop Chesterfield in new vampire movie Blood runners, due out later this year (16).