Ice-T and Coco Austin's dog has died.

The 58-year-old rapper and his wife's pet pooch Spartacus, who was a French Bulldog, was swiped away from them on Sunday (27.11.16) from ''surgery complications'' after being treated for cancer in his knee.

Ice wrote on Twitter: ''Terrible News: This morning I lost my Best Friend.. Spartacus died from a complication after surgery.. He had cancer in his knee.. So sad. (sic)''

The 37-year-old model has been left heartbroken by their loss as she saw the canine as their first child.

Coco added to her Twitter: ''My heart is hurting tremendously today.Sparty died after knee surgery complications.He was my 1st baby with Ice.There'll never be another. (sic)''

Ice-T and Coco, who also have another French Bulldog called Maximus, created an Instagram page for Spartacus and documented his life on the photo sharing app including special moments with their 11-month-old baby daughter CHANEL.

And the tot's own account, run by her parents, has shared a heartfelt message to her ''big bro'' Spartacus.

Alongside a picture of Coco cradling Chanel and their beloved pup, they wrote: ''I lost my big bro Spartacus today after knee surgery.He was a cuddler & a lover.Had a short time w/ him but worth every minute of it. (sic)''

Meanwhile, Ice-T - who also has Letesha Marrow, now 40, and son Tracy Marrow Jr., 24, from previous relationships - says he is a more ''conscious'' parent to his baby daughter than he was with his older children.

He said: ''I think the clarity that I have with this child. When I had my first kid I was in the middle of the wildness of becoming Ice-T, all the people that were after me, and I had my head down.

''I really wasn't concentrating on them, I was concentrating on survival. Now, everything is a lot more mellow. We bring the baby home, she's crying, I see her, they sleep with me every night. I'm really witnessing her grow everyday, so I'm more conscious of it.''