Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T's new alcoholic beverages each serve a vital purpose - one gives you "stamina", the other "gets you drunk real quick".

The BODY COUNT star - who has joined the likes of Nelly, Jay-Z and SNOOP DOGG in releasing drinks - is also hoping to oust RED BULL as the number one energy beverage, because he believes his version is better.

He says, "One's called LIQUID ICE and it makes you cool. It gives you stamina for every game you're about to indulge in.

"RED BULL has been out for a while but it tastes nasty. This stuff tastes good.

"The other stuff is ROYAL ICE. That's a malt liquor and it gets you drunk real quick. They got lite beers but this'll get you drunk - a couple of sips, you put it down."

13/11/2003 09:06