Rapper Ice Cube is so scared of being attacked, he carries a loaded gun whenever he travels by car.

The former NWA member, real name O'SHEA JACKSON, keeps a firearm stashed away in the glove compartment of his car - after a series of terrifying experiences in his past.

He says, "Back in '88, me and my homeboy PHIL got into it with some dudes. You know, personal business. Everyone was arguing and getting stuff off their chests, then everyone pulled straps.

"Nobody did anything, so we rode out. They chased us down to apologise, but we didn't know they were gonna apologise. I was thinking, 'If I see a gun, I'm shooting.' I had my .357 on my lap."

He adds jokingly, "It's just in case I have to kill someone for f***ing with me. Or asking stupid questions."

11/01/2004 21:26