Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube is confident action movie fans will prefer the XXX sequel he stars in to its blockbuster predecessor - because his character's much tougher than Vin Diesel's.

The FRIDAY star didn't hesitate to sign up for XXX: STATE OF THE UNION after watching the trailer for the original film - and concluding he was more appropriate for the lead role than Diesel.

He says, "DARIUS STONE would kick Vin Diesel's character (XANDER CAGE)'s a**. And here's why. Vin Diesel's character is an X GAMES boy. Darius is from the street. We play a little dirtier.

"When I met (producer) NEIL MORITZ, he showed me the XXX trailer and I was like, 'Goddamn! That should be me!' It's such a trip cos the next movie... it is me."

28/04/2005 21:33