LATEST: Rapper Ice Cube insists he isn't fighting with talk show host Oprah Winfrey and actually wants to appear on her show to clear the air. Winfrey has recently been blasted by members of the hip-hop community for not inviting them to be guests on the programme. But Ice Cube explains, "I ain't fightin' with Oprah, man. Oprah, 'Holler at your boy', man, that's all I'm sayin'. "I'm just tryin' to do what I can to get on the show. "I mean she done have two of my projects on there that I helped create, BARBERSHOP, she had CEDRIC (THE ENTERTAINER) and Eve (JEFFERS) on there and not me. "Then the BLACK WHITE show. Oprah, that ain't right baby, come on, you've got to get it together, man. "If she can have lying authors on her show, she can have hard core gansta rappers turned businessmen."