Rapper Ice Cube has laughed off reports he's fallen out with former NWA bandmate Dr Dre, insisting he would drop everything to work with the in-demand producer. Rumours of a split circulated after a planned collaboration album fell through and Cube made his new CD, LAUGH NOW, CRY LATER, a solo effort. But the rap star states there's no bad blood between the pair; he simply grew tired of waiting for busy Dre to finish other projects and dedicate himself to his album. He says, "If I had waited on Dre, I wouldn't have no songs done now. I couldn't wait. "Dre is like the WIZARD OF OZ - you follow the Yellow Brick Road but you still might not get to him. I've done more hit records without Dre than I have with Dre, but I'd love to work with him. Who wouldn't? He's the man. "If he called me today, I'd be in the studio tomorrow." And Cube secretly hopes the next time he'll be in the studio with Dr Dre will be for a NWA reunion. He adds, "That would have to go through Dre, because if Dre don't do the beats, is it an NWA album? Not really. "So if he ever says he wanna do it, I'll be in the studio."