Hip-hop star Ice Cube has dismissed reports he is embroiled in a bitter feud with former NWA bandmate Dr Dre, after the producer refused to collaborate on Cube's latest album. The YOU CAN DO IT hitmaker asked the industry mogul to collaborate on new record LAUGH NOW CRY LATER, but Dre turned down the offer, prompting speculation of a rift. However Cube, real name O'SHEA JACKSON, tells AllHipHop.com, "That's not true. I respect (Dr) Dre and everything he is doing in the game and I know that although we couldn't do anything on this record we may on the next, I don't know. "But I do know that if he wants to work together we will, if not I will keep it moving. "We are both businessmen, so there would never be any beef over something like that.