Rapper Ice Cube has welcomed plans laid out by retiring hip-hop star Scarface to create a new supergroup with himself and Nas.
The Houston, Texas star recently revealed he would be quitting rap after the release of his next album Emeritus, and he'd only consider a return to the studio if Ice Cube and Nas were to join him.
And the former N.W.A. star admits he'd be willing to give the rap supergroup idea a go.
He tells AllHipHop.com, "I wouldn’t even think twice about doing that…hell yeah!
“I think the album would be crazy, lyrics would be sick, and hip-hop would love it. It’s just making that business happen, that’s the part that gets funky.
"I ain’t never turned down these kind of projects, they just don’t happen for whatever reasons. But I’m up for some s**t like this because I know we can make a dope record.”