Ice Cube is living his dream life.

The 49-year-old star shot into the limelight as a rapper before dipping his toes in acting and, although he always wanted to be a basketball player, he's glad he jumped across to films when he did because there's more ''longevity in it.''

Speaking to the New York Post newspaper, he said: ''I'm going with acting, because of longevity. As an athlete, you got 10, maybe 12 years, then you're looking for something to do. So I will go with acting as a long shelf life.''

However, the 'Check Yo Self' hitmaker - whose real name is O'Shea Jackson Sr. - hasn't given up his rap career completely as he recently said that he likes to use his music to make a difference after fans asked him to run for Congress.

When asked if he'd ever consider running for office, he said: ''I use my music. I use my entertainment. I'm an artist. I'd rather paint what I'm feeling than sit up and try to deal with Congress and them crazies out there. They are more crazy than the rap game, so I'll stick with rap. We're safe.''

Meanwhile, Ice Cube was overcome with emotion at the end of last year when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame outside the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California, for his contribution to the showbiz industry over the years.

He said in his speech: ''Thank you mama for always supporting whatever I wanted to do, whether you was with it or not, you said: 'As long as it kept you off the street, you can do it.' A lot of guys don't have their fathers around, and if you want to make a man like this, stay around your sons. Stay around your kids.''