Ice Cube and fellow rappers MACK 10 and WC are hoping their new collaborative album will prove that West Coast gangsta rap is alive and well.

The hip-hop stars, who make up rap collective WESTSIDE CONNECTION, hope their upcoming release TERRORIST THREATS will prove the once-popular genre still has support.

Cube says, "People are looking for more substance in the music, but just anybody can't give it to them. That's why I like this Westside Connection record... it's still intelligent to a point where it's provoking new thoughts and new ideas."

Ice Cube says the album, scheduled for release tomorrow (09DEC03), will show gangsta rap remains a forced to be reckoned with on America's West Coast, where it has all but disappeared in recent years as other rappers moved away from the style.

With songs scolding rappers who show their sensitive side, expressing sadness at the link between violence and hip-hop, and encouraging fans to believe in themselves, the rappers are hoping to change that.

Mack 10, husband of TLC star Tionne 'T-Boz' Watkins, adds, "If the Westside Connection record is successful, it makes the West Coast visible once again."

08/12/2003 09:12