Rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube has just inked a deal to create his own cartoon series about an early '80s hip-hop crew.

The BARBERSHOP star has joined forces with Futurama creator David Cohen to create GRANDMASTER FREAK + THE FURIOUS 15, about a rap group in Englewood, New Jersey - the city that birthed the pioneering SUGAR HILL RECORDS.

The animated comedy will follow the exploits of the oversized rap crew and their leader, 17-year-old high school student GRANDMASTER FREAK.

Matt Alvarez, who will serve as an executive producer alongside partner Ice Cube, says they're currently seeking voice actors "who have an ability to rap".

He adds, "We hope to have a musical performance in every episode."

Ice Cube, real name O'SHEA JACKSON, is expected to voice one of the characters in the show.

22/10/2004 19:30