Rapper Ice Cube has cancelled plans to record with hip-hop hero Dr Dre, because he wants to concentrate on his Hollywood career.

The TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY star has postponed his mooted collaboration with former NWA partner Dre, despite announcing the project more than a year ago.

The THREE KINGS star laughs, "Whenever I do a movie, people ask for a record, and every time I do a record, people ask for a movie, (but) I'm becoming a big-time actor here. I'm going to go with the flow, I'm not going to fight it. I'm going be what I am."

Cube, currently working on follow-up film BARBERSHOP 2, is undecided about making the film into a franchise and creating a third installment, even though Queen Latifah has already signed to star in BEAUTYSHOP, the female version of the hit original.

He says, "It's all about the people, man. We'll see how this one does. I don't want to think too far into the future, but if everybody comes back and it's the right script, why not?"

The urban legend's next starring vehicle will be Are We There Yet? with Snow Dogs director Brian Levant.

Cube continues, "It's me basically with two kids, driving them from one part of the country to another and they can't stand me and I hate them too.

"By the end of it we end up kicking it with each other and digging each other, but I would not call it a family movie, because I don't want to just do movies that kids love. I want to do movies that everybody loves, from 8 to 80."

25/09/2003 17:19