Ice Cube has defended Samuel L Jackson against comments the actor made about rappers who take up acting - insisting he was taken out of context.

Jackson has hit out at studios for casting musicians in Hollywood movies over established black actors - and recently turned down the chance to appear alongside 50 CENT in Jim Sheridan film LOCKED AND LOADED.

But Ice Cube - who has appeared alongside Jackson in MENACE II SOCIETY THE N-WORD and upcoming XXX sequel XXX: STATE OF THE UNION - insists his friend was misunderstood.

Cube says, "We never even talked about it. I heard him say it was something that was blown out of proportion, and I believe him, because that was never an issue with us working.

"Sam is one of my favourite actors, so I was kind of hurt the most from hearing stuff like that.

"But given a chance to really work with him, sit down with him and kick it with him and talk to him and learn from him, I don't really think he has a problem. At least I didn't detect anything. I hope to work with him again sometime in the future."

25/01/2005 17:36