Rapper Ice Cube attacks actor-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on his latest album. The star - real name O'Shea Jackson - accuses Arnie of spending too much time promoting himself on a national and global level and ignoring important issues, like poverty in the rapper's native south central Los Angeles. The former NWA rapper says, "He p**ses me off just by the fact that he is the Governor of California. That's enough. You know, that man should just focus his s**t on California and what he's going to do about poverty. It's rabid in the inner city. He needs to be worried about that, not anything on a national or global level. "You've got to realise, there's a lot of money in California but it suffers from economic greed. Nobody wants to give up their piece of the pie, so nobody can live real good without resorting to killing each other."