Ice Cube thinks Americans love Donald Trump because they need ''a boss''.

The rapper-turned-actor thinks some US citizens are won over by the billionaire Republican Party Presidential hopeful because he takes matters into his own hands and is the epitome of the ''American Dream''.

Speaking about the politician's appeal, he told Bloomberg: ''Donald Trump is what Americans love. Donald Trump is what Americans aspire to be - rich, powerful, do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say, be how you wanna be. That's kind of been like the American dream. He looks like a boss to everybody, and Americans love to have a boss.''

However, the 'Straight Outta Compton' star doesn't think the 69-year-old presidential hopeful can ''relate to the small guy'' and it's unlikely he'll be on their side, either.

He mused: ''Do I think he's gonna do anything to help poor people or people that's struggling? No, because he's a rich white guy. He's always been rich. Being rich don't make you bad, I ain't saying that. But I'm just saying, how can he relate