Ice Cube has scrapped plans to bring together his peers for a tsunami aid benefit gig, because the egos involved will wreck any hope of a successful charity project.

The rapper-turned-actor considered spearheading a charity rap record and concert to raise cash for victims of the 26 December (04) disaster, but he fears the timing is wrong to put such an idea into action.

He says, "I would love to see us get together and raise money for a number of good causes out there. I mean you look at the ghettos of America and they seem like tsunamis have hit there.

"Unfortunately, there's a lot of competition in the rap world. Everybody thinks only one rapper can be on top.

"The new rappers get all the light and all the attention and their head is being a star; they could care less about the causes because they're much younger.

"It's a hard thing to get a hold of because if you do it and you don't have the right people there it's not going to make as much money as you really want it to make. It's just a strange thing to try to get a hold of.

"We've had rap conferences but it's just too much competition for me to pull off a benefit."

21/01/2005 09:53