Turkish singing sensation Ibrahim Tatlises has been accused of threatening his former lover, belly dancer ONUR CAKMAK.

Dancer Cakmak, whose stage name is ASENA filed a lawsuit in Istanbul last week (ends05NOV04), claiming the singer had threatened her since February (04) when she ended their relationship.

Following her suit, Tatlises shocked womens right activists by hosting a press conference, at which he declared he was the only one who had the power to decide when their romance would end.

Tatlises said, "Asena is my doll and she can't abandon me. I am the only one who can make such a decision.

"When I love someone, it is until death. Nothing is over until I say so."

Daily newspaper HURRIYET has denouned the star's outrageous comments, saying, "Is there no one to stop this guy?"

08/11/2004 17:35