Sharknado actor Ian Ziering has been leading the Jaws-themed jokes after a shark was found on the New York City subway in what appears to be a case of life imitating art.

Ziering has won himself a cult following for his role in the comedy-horror Tv movie about a storm which picks up hundreds of killer sharks and deposits them on the streets of Los Angeles.

A sequel set in the Big Apple is in the works, and Ziering was able to see the funny side when a four-foot (1.2-metre) long dogfish shark was found on a subway train in the city this week (beg05Aug13), joking to the New York Post, "Never mind the umbrella, (commuters) grab your chainsaw!"

Reports suggest the conductor informed passengers there was "a shark aboard the train" and ordered an evacuation.

The subway shark has since become an online sensation, and even has its own account, while a number of stars have been keen to wade in with Sharknado comparisons.

Jack Osbourne posted a link to the story on his page, writing "Sharknado is real" while British actor Mathew Horne adds, "When shark imitates life. Sharknado," and fellow Brit Frances Barber, writes, "Watched Sharknado last night & now Look !!!! BBC News - Shark found on New York subway."

The subway shark incident comes amid the Discovery Channel's annual Shark Week festivities, which features themed programs broadcasting over seven days in more than 70 countries.