British sports presenter Ian Wright has flown home from the soccer World Cup in Brazil after his wife and two children were held hostage at knife point by robbers at their London home on Wednesday night (18Jun14).

The former soccer star, who has been covering the international tournament for a U.K. Tv network, raced back to Britain to be with his loved ones when he learned of his family's ordeal.

The gang of four forced their way into the London property after Wright's wife Nancy answered the door. They then held a knife to her throat and threatened to chop off her children's fingers if she did not give them cash and jewellery.

Wright's manager Steve Kutner, tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "It was a terrifying ordeal. They marched Ian's wife from room to room. I would like to thank (Tv channel) ITv for helping Ian to get home as quickly as possible."

Ahead of his return to the U.K., Wright wrote in a post on, "You won't get away with it!"

Police officers have confirmed they are investigating an aggravated burglary.