Veteran British actor SIR Ian McKellen has launched a veiled attack on GANDHI star SIR Ben Kingsley, after complaining Ricky Gervais was confusing the actors' pomposity in a new episode of EXTRAS. Gervais was keen to depict MCKellen as an arrogant caricature, who, in one scene, blasts Gervais' character for refusing to address him by his full title - a thinly disguised attack on fellow knight Kingsley's preferences. However, in a posting on his website The Lord Of The Rings star says, "As I'd been invited to comment on the script to suit my personality, I called RG (Gervais) to suggest the script had got me wrong, a little. "I am one of those knights who prefers not to use the title professionally. Perhaps RG and SM (writing partner Stephen Merchant) had confused me with another 'Sir'. "I suggested a substitute joke more in keeping with my attitude to such formalities."