Big screen veteran SIR Ian McKellen has one remaining acting ambition left - to appear in long-running British soap opera Coronation Street.

The LORD OF THE RINGS star, 64, wishes he could appear in the popular TV programme, but needs to overcome his feelings of intimidation by the show's cast.

The OSCAR-nominated star explains, "I have only ever had two ambitions as an actor - one was to be on Coronation Street, the other to was to play a dame in a pantomime.

"This year (04) at the Old Vic (a London theatre) I will finally get the chance to play WIDOW TWANKY in ALADDIN.

"They wrote me into Coronation Street but I was so scared of going in and trying to be as good as the regulars I decided I wouldn't do it."

As for the show's current homosexual storylines involving confused teenager TODD GRIMSHAW, the outwardly gay McKellen adds, "I could sit there and say: 'What are all these gay boys doing - it wasn't like this in my day.'"

23/05/2004 10:24