British singer Ian Mcculloch lived up to his cantankerous reputation at his solo gig in London last night (24OCT04), by frequently interrupting his set to blast politicians, celebrities and the venue's crew.

The Echo And The Bunnymen frontman grew increasingly frustrated during his intimate concert at the British capital's Bloomsbury Theatre, and subsequently unleashed bitter attacks on his own band, his technicians, the sound engineers and "DAVID BLUNKETT on lights", in reference to the blind Home Secretary.

McCulloch - famous for his intolerant attitude to society and showbusiness - enlisted a roadie to walk on stage to light his cigarette whenever he craved one, and at one stage ordered an over-worked helper to adjust his guitar strap, which was "a bit floppy".

And not even the adoring crowd, who responded to his verbal assaults with raucous applause, escaped his wrath - he lambasted a audience-member for sneezing.

25/10/2004 17:18