Outspoken ECHO + THE BUNNYMEN leader Ian Mcculloch has sparked a new rock feud with Irish supergroup U2 after calling them "spud peelers" who wanted to become part of the music industry's elite in a new magazine interview.
The Killing Moon singer insists Bono and his band have become just like Bob Geldof, Sting and "all of them c**ts who no one really likes."
He tells America's Flaunt magazine he's always been amazed by U2's success: "It was like, 'Wanted: Spud-peeler who can sing.' And they were like, 'Yes! I can peel the spuds (potatoes) and you can tune the guitars.'
"I knew from day one, as soon as I heard them... f**king hell. It's like, 'Let's all get together and be in the music biz.'"
Bandmate Will Sergeant also shares MCCulloch's dislike for the Irish rockers, who ironically formed the same year they did.
He adds, "I still haven't got one U2 record in my house... To me, they were just boring. They're a bit goody two-shoes."