British actor Ian Hart researched his role as a paparazzi in Courteney Cox's axed TV drama series DIRT by pretending to be the former FRIENDS star.
The Backbeat actor agreed to take Cox's car for a spin after dining with the actress and her pal Jennifer Aniston - and quickly realised how dangerous life can be for an A-list celebrity.
Hart says, "I drove their car for them to drive the photographers outside off the scent. It is completely round the bend. At Courteney's house they're constantly popping their heads over the fence like little rabbits... they're hiding in the bushes. It seems impossible for them to leave home without the paparazzi following them.
"Courteney is very fortunate to live a nice life on the beach in a lovely house in Malibu, but they've had to put up a big fence so they can't see the ocean, so what's the point? Both Courteney and Jennifer have a very sensible attitude towards it - they accept it, they know it's not gonna go away.
"If it was me, I'd be in prison because someone would get hit or a camera would get smashed. Then I'd have to take an anger management course. It wouldn't end well."
Hart played a shady, schizophrenic paparazzo on the U.S. show, which was a critical success but a rating failure.