Celebrity author Ian Halperin has offered to pay for Michael Jackson to undergo medical tests - to prove the star's claim he is not dying from a lung disease.
Halperin, a former winner of the Rolling Stone magazine Award for Investigative Journalism, is producing a new book about Jackson's life and insists the Bad hitmaker is suffering from deadly lung condition Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
Jackson's publicist denied the claims last month (Dec08) and described the allegation as "a total fabrication".
But Halperin has now fired back at the singer - by offering to fund a medical examination to uncover the truth about Jackson's health.
He says, "I stand by my story about Michael. My book and film will not be the hatchet job everyone thinks. Michael's one of the greatest artists of our time, and perhaps in the top five ever. My work will get inside his life and how he became the biggest pop culture figure since the other King - Elvis.
"As far as his denial about my claims regarding his medical condition, I challenge Michael to undergo a full medical exam which I'm willing to pay for. This can easily clear everything up."