Heavy rocker Ian Gillan started meditating as a teenager when he realised he was too violent to make it in music.

The Deep Purple frontman admits life as the only council estate kid in a posh private school turned him into a "street rat" who had to fight to survive all the tormenting from bullies.

He tells Wenn, "I had to change my lifestyle because I was a street rat. I grew up on a council estate and I went to a private school and I used to get beaten up on the way to school, because I wore a stupid uniform, and, because I was the only kid in school who lived on a council estate, I had it all day long there too, until I turned around and whacked a couple of prefects and fought back against my tormentors every day.

"I actually grew to love it and I started looking for violence and it became a big issue. I realised that if I wanted to carry on with my musical dreams I had to change, so I started meditating and I changed my life entirely."