A first British edition of IAN FLEMING's YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, inscribed by the author to the inspiration of his famous spy character James Bond, is to go under the hammer at auction in Los Angeles on 11 December (08).
The book, which features Fleming's scrawl, "To the real James Bond from the thief of his identity," will be part of a Profiles in History sale.
While working on his first novel, Casino Royale, in 1952, Fleming was looking for inspiration - a name for the character who would become the most famous spy in the world.
Glancing over at his coffee table, he spied the book, Birds of the West Indies by American ornithologist James Bond, and so the most famous spy in the world was born.
Other Fleming/James Bond items that will be available at the auction include a second draft original handwritten manuscript for the film adaptation of You Only Live Twice, signed By Roald Dahl, and Fleming's personal annotated first British edition copy of From Russia, With Love.