Rocker Ian Dury's widow was so keen to make her late husband's new biopic an honest and realistic portrayal of his life, she agreed to give filmmakers a saucy account of how the late star performed in the bedroom.
Andy Serkis, who plays the polio-stricken Blockheads singer in new movie Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, transformed his body so he could capture Dury's trademark limp, and spent time with his widow, Sophie, and eldest son, Baxter, in an attempt to understand the pink icon's complex persona.
Serkis tells WENN, "I was very lucky to have that access... They wanted an honest film about Ian.
"They explained to me how he operated and coped with his calipers, and how he got in and out of the car and the bath."
And Sophie Dury wasn't shy about divulging deeply personal information about her late husband.
The Lord of the Rings star, who also produced the film, adds, "Sophie explained in great detail what he was like in bed... He was very physical!"