Late JOY DIVISION singer Ian Curtis continues to influence the life and work of his bandmate PETER HOOK - a quarter of a century after his suicide in 1980.

Hook, who formed NEW ORDER soon after Curtis' death, has never forgotten his pal and still has two giant posters of him in his office.

He says, "I think there was a lot of education with Ian's death. It made you face up to a lot of harsh realities.

"We thought we were impenetrable and could do anything. Then all of a sudden it was taken away from us. But we didn't become complacent.

"I don't feel free of Ian. When I sit in my office there are two six foot pictures of Ian. I talk to him every day. He still carries on - Love Will Tear Us Apart was even up for a BRIT AWARD this year (05)."

25/03/2005 13:53