Entrepreneur and musician Hadar Goldman purchased the MACclesfield, England house after a fan campaign to acquire the home earlier this year (15) fell through.

He has bought the home for the asking price of $184,000 (GBP115,000) plus $120,000 (GBP75,000) in legal fees to reverse a sale from a previous buyer.

He says, "Although I paid £190,000 - nearly double the asking price - I felt as if I had to get involved, especially after hearing the plight of fans who had failed to raise the necessary funds to buy the house owned and lived in by one of the musical heroes of my youth.

"JOY DIVISION left a musical legacy which has influenced many of today's bands. The Joy Division legacy deserves to be taken into the 21st century, to raise awareness into one of the most seminal bands in the history of contemporary music."

He adds, "It will be developed using both heart and soul. The Joy Division heritage is one that needs preserving for fans around the world. When the time comes, we will welcome the input and ideas of anyone interested in being part of such an exciting project, commemorating a meaningful part of musical history."

Former bandmate Peter Hook, who marked the anniversary of Curtis' death this week with a concert in MACclesfield, has backed the fans' campaign to turn the home into a museum, while guitarist Bernard Sumner is "torn" over the idea, insisting it could become "a monument to suicide".

Curtis was just 23 years old when he committed suicide at the house on 18 May, 1980, just days before the band was due to kick off a U.S. tour. The property was used as a filming location in 2007 biopic Control, which starred actor Sam Riley as Curtis.