Ian Brown will never sing about his children.

The 'F.E.A.R.' hitmaker's new album 'My Way' is autobiographical but he insists it would be "bad news" if he started penning tracks about his three kids.

He explained: "I've never addressed fatherhood, because it's always bad news if you start writing about your kids, isn't it? I've not actually gone there yet and I don't really intend to, because everyone is different, aren't they? Some people take to fatherhood and others can't cope with it. To me, the best thing that ever happened to me was my kids - of all the things I've done, it was the birth of my kids and watching them grow. On the new record I've tried to write about my life since I've been a music-maker, and what that means to me, and what my hopes and dreams and aspirations are, now and in the future.

The album includes a track called 'Own Brain', which Ian wrote because the title is an anagram of his name.

He explained to music website The Quietus: "I was working with a guy called Peter Mescall, a hip-hop sampler from Dublin, who came up with the idea of calling himself Sampler Elect as an anagram of his name, and he said that I could be Own Brain or Brain Now, and I thought 'That's brilliant, I'm gonna do a song called 'Own Brain''."