British singer Ian Brown was forced to bring his Newcastle, England, concert to a premature close last night (21NOV05), after a section of the venue's dancefloor began sinking.

The former Stone Roses frontman was told to leave the stage after only playing five songs, because the health and safety of the audience at the Carling Academy Newcastle was threatened.

A spokesperson for the venue says, "Ian Brown's sell-out concert at Carling Academy Newcastle was halted at 9.45pm, five songs into his set, following alleged reports to venue management of a dip in the main auditorium's sprung dance-floor, some six feet away from the front of the stage.

"The health and safety of customers, performers and crew is paramount, therefore the decision was agreed between Carling Academy Newcastle and Ian Brown's production crew that the building be evacuated for immediate assessment.

"The show was stopped on the basis of safety and at no time was there any potential danger to the public. This procedure was carried out quickly and effectively under the guidance of the Academy's security personnel.

"No-one was injured during the process and passed without further incident. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to thank all members of the audience for their full co-operation."

Fans have been advised to retain their tickets although it remains unclear when the show will be rescheduled.