British rocker Ian Brown was forced to walk off stage during a gig in Belfast, Northern Ireland, last week (ends09DEC05) when fans threw bottles and glasses at him.

The former STONE ROSES singer was plagued by sound problems during Friday's concert and had to stop playing DOLPHINS WERE MONKEYS as a result.

After one angry fan threw a bottle, other fans began throwing bottles, glasses and plastic cups in protest too, forcing Brown to leave the stage.

However, he returned after a break to finish the concert. During the interim, the band's equipment had been covered in towels to prevent any possible damage.

A statement from Brown's record label says: "On Friday night in Belfast, a number of people in the audience at the Ian Brown show acted disgracefully by throwing glasses and bottles at the stage following some technical problems which meant the band had to restart a song several times.

"No artist should have to put up with actions like this, and Ian and his band left the stage twice as a result. Despite the actions of a few threatening the fun and safety of many, Ian did continue the show, and played a full set.

"Ian Brown does not believe that these people represent his fans in Northern Ireland."