Former STONE ROSES star Ian Brown has fiercely defended himself over his alleged attack on a security guard at a San Francisco, California, gig this year (05).

The LOVE SPREADS star was filmed in the midst of the violent affray, but he insists he was not at fault, despite the way it appeared.

He explains, "I was rugby tackled by some guy and then this security guard threw me across the stage and I'm not having that, so I stepped up to him. Then he started throwing punches at me and he's a foot bigger than me.

"The lads jumped in and pulled him down and I dead-armed him, 'cause I thought he's gonna hurt someone.

"Then I thought, 'You know what, he's out of order,' so I wanted him to wake up with a little bruise on his head.

"Admittedly when I look at it, I look really vicious on it, it's not a good look at all. It's not nice at all."