Rocker Ian Brown has offered career advice to warring brothers LIAM and Noel Gallagher - urging the pair to go solo after the guitarist walked out of Oasis.
Last month (Aug09), Noel quit the band after a backstage fight between the pair at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris, France.
Since the split, the pair have enjoyed a public feud through the press, with Liam Gallagher insisting he had completely turned his back on the band, claiming, "It's over."
Brown, who embarked on a successful solo career after his former group the Stone Roses split, insists concentrating on his own material was the best thing he ever did.
He tells, "I would say go solo. I can heartily recommend it. It's a fine way to be."
But the rocker admits it's sad the Gallagher brothers' arguments have got out of hand: "What's a shame is that they're brothers. From being 10 and six scrapping (fighting) on the carpet in the front room, now they are doing it in public and worldwide - I think that's a bit of a shame for them. Life's hard enough without scrapping with your brother when you're a grown man."