Busy THE CULT star Ian Astbury is adding solo singer to his impressive resume.

The British singer, who has been fronting the reformed DOORS for the past three years, is now ready to go solo.

He calls his new project, WARRIORS OF THE MYSTIC PLAINS, "a mash of songs that are melodically and rhythmically driven - like a car crash between LED ZEPPELIN, The Doors, Primal Scream, Blonde Redhead and Nine Inch Nails".

Astbury says his recent collaboration with the surviving members of The Doors - ROBBIE KRIEGER and RAY MANZAREK - left him truly inspired: "The style of their music is so stripped down. It's about organics, it's about craft, there's nowhere to hide, it's about musical excellence, it's about creativity.

"It has really inspired me more to go in and have that approach to my own writing process."

29/04/2004 09:00