Ian Astbury is realistic about the diffiCulty involved in replacing late rock legend Jim Morrison in THE DOORS - but deals with it by viewing himself as a classical musician.

The former CULT frontman has joined together with original keyboardist RAY MANZAREK and guitarist ROBBIE KRIEGER to reform The Doors, which has attracted some criticism and scepticism, as well as a lawsuit from drummer JOHN DENSMORE.

However, Astbury argues the process is just like classical musicians interpreting the music of a dead composer.

He reasons, "I'm not naive, I knew it was going to be difficult because Morrison is such a sacred icon. My take on it is more we're performing a classic body of work in the same way that a classical body of dead composer would be performed by musicians of the day."

"Jim Morrison is irreplaceable, I hope that what I'm doing, by singing with Ray and Robbie, is by giving them the opportunity to play the music in a live context, probably for the last time ever that you will hear the original musicians from the Doors play their music live in this context. So when you think about the gravity of that, it's really kind of an important mission."

27/04/2004 17:26