Former THE CULT singer Ian Astbury has insisted he's not "replacing JIM MORRISON" now he's taken the job as new frontman of THE DOORS - despite their similar singing voice and appearance.

Astbury is angry the press have criticised his decision to front the seminal sixties band, but argues he's bringing his own brand of leadership and style into the reformed band - and he resents claims he's attempting to emulate the iconic late singer.

He says, "I'm not replacing Jim Morrison. I'm not stepping into his shoes which has been said in some interviews. Jim Morrison's shoes are unfillable and I'm not trying to portray some wishy-washy, theatrical version of Morrison.

"I'm just being myself. It just so happens that my voice is baritone, it's in a similar register, and we may look a bit alike but I'm not there to emulate Jim Morrison."

And Astbury defends his decision to join The Doors, insisting it was an offer he couldn't refuse.

He adds, "They seemed to think I was the right guy to fill the spot. I knew immediately that Morrison's spot was going to be a hot spot but with my stubborn nature I thought to hell with it. It's an opportunity. If I didn't do it I'd never know."

25/06/2004 14:03