Children's television presenter Timmy Mallett has become the latest celebrity to leave I'm a celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! after a trial.

Timmy faced Brian Paddick at the Last Chance Saloon, with many of the camp hoping the former Metropolitan police commissioner would win.

"Timmy is the most annoying man I have ever met so I hope Brian kicks his butt," said Nicola McLean.

"I really don't wanr to heat that whooping noise again."

And despite some gamesmanship from Timmy, Brian held his nerve to save his place in the camp.

The pair were told to down the contents of each glass, plate or bowl they were handed, with the unappetising portions including cockroaches, meal worms, darkling beetles, leafcutter ants and beach worms.

Brian showed resolve in the 'penis colada' round, downing a combination of crocodile and camel penis with a penis wedge.

And when it came to the Tesquilla round – one beach worm in each glass – Brian won through, in spite of Timmy's harsh tactics.

As the threw the worms into their mouths, clearly struggling eating the delicacy, Timmy grabbed hold of Brian’s arm firmly and got shaken off just was Brian chewed the live worm down.

On leaving the camp, Timmy said: "Bother, whoops, shame, I'm disappointed."

Returning to the camp Brian told the celebrities about Timmy's behaviour during the trial.

"Timmy was very unfair, see these marks here in my arm, it's out of order," he added.

"The worm was wriggling about in the glass and Timmy was dragging it out when he suddenly grabbed my arm – that was a deliberate attempt to stop me chewing and to stop me swallowing.

"He has a calculating side to him that I didn't find pleasant so I'm not going to be crying on my pillow about the fact that Timmy's gone."

01/12/2008 00:01:01