Jason 'J' Brown was a saviour for his fellow I'm a celebrity... contestants after rescuing the camp from a deadly Funnel Web spider.

The former 5IVE member reacted quickly after the dangerous arachnid - which can kill within an hour - was spotted scurrying around the jungle.

"Oh dear, it's one of the bad ones folks. I think we've got a bad spider in camp, quite a big black shiny spider in camp," 'J' said, before former model Janice Dickinson proved to be no help at all by screaming hysterically.

But though 'J' failed to trap the venomous spider under a frying pan, he soon ensnared it in a glass jar and took it to the Bush Telegraph, with a relieved Christopher Biggins commenting: "Well done 'J', you're my man."

Former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson later explained: "We tried to get it but it escaped. It escaped under Janice's bed. 'J' was a hero because I wouldn’t have got near a venomous spider, no way.”

After calming down, Janice added: "There was a spider under my bed the size of a little baseball. It was making its way towards my bed, the last thing I need is a huge spider bite on my arse."

And a triumphant 'J' said: "I think I may have indeed just gained superhero status. I may be the next, I think it's Peter Parker who is Spider-Man, if so it may be now 'J' Brown."

The drama continued that night as a seven-foot python slithered into the camp, with Janice again showing that she is only concerned about the welfare of one contestant.

As 'J' comforted a frightened Gemma, Janice screamed: "Gemma? What about Janice?"

28/11/2007 10:13:38