Jason 'J' Brown came to the rescue of his hungry campmates by winning all five stars during the Table Top Terror Bushtucker Trial on I'm a celebrity...

The former 5IVE member had an unbearably close encounter with a host of menaces from the Australian jungle, including snakes, spiders and a particularly angry lizard.

But he faced his fears to win five meals for the remaining contestants on this year's instalment of the ITV1 reality show.

'J' had sat down in the trials area convinced he was to face an eating trial after noticing five wooden tables, each with a giant cloche on top.

However presenter Ant Mcpartlin told the boyband star: "You're not going to eat, 'J.'"

He added: "What you have to do in this trial is go under each table and pop your head up into the cloche where you will join some jungle critters. We will reveal what's inside just before so everybody can see what it is. You won't know until you’re in there with them.

"Once you're inside the dome you will see a star hanging down – all you have to do is detach the star."

With the camp nearing starvation, failure was not an option and 'J' was undeterred by the first three cloches, despite the presence of some smelly millipedes, stick insects and spiders.

'J' joked that his worst fear would be facing a cloche containing a screaming Janice Dickinson, but was forced to channel his inner Delia Smith on the next table, after McPartlin and Declan Donnelly's faces revealed the fifth cloche contained something especially scary.

"Come on, what are you? Let's be having you," 'J' cried, and after a massive lizard slithered in front of his face, he grabbed the fifth star to emerge unscathed.

29/11/2007 11:09:22