Outtakes from 2004 movie I Heart Huckabees featuring actress Lily Tomlin and director DAVID O'RUSSELL in an obscenity-laced tirade have left internet surfers stunned. The clips started appearing on websites on Friday (23MAR07) and were picked up by US news show Extra. No explanation was offered as Tomlin raged at O'Russell during a scene in which she seen sitting next to co-star Dustin Hoffman in a car, while in another bizarre clip, the Three Kings moviemaker appears to lose his cool and clear a desktop of papers as he verbally attacks the actress. And when co-star Hoffman attempted to intervene at one point, the angry actress turned to him and said, "You shut the f**k up." Despite the apparent on-set bust-up, Tomlin was all smiles when she was asked about working with O'Russell when it came to promoting the quirky film. She told Extra reporters, "I just have great affection and regard for David." Of the outtakes on the internet, Tomlin says, "I love David, there was a lot of pressure in making the movie." It's not the first time O'Russell has upset one of his stars - George Clooney was far from impressed with the moviemaker's techniques on the set of war film Three Kings in 1999.