Hunter S Thompson's widow bitterly regrets her selfish attitude to signs he wanted to kill himself.

The author and journalist shot himself dead at his Colorado ranch in February (05) at the age of 67.

His 33-year-old widow ANITA admits Thompson had been hinting about his unhappiness for some time, but she feared he may leave her for another woman.

She says, "I have more regrets than you can possibly imagine. I wish that' Id been here, that I hadn't gone out, that I'd paid attention to the signs. There'd been signs since he was 22, but now there were new signs. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what it was, and that was my job as a wife.

"A month before he died he faxed a letter to my mum's house. I was staying there because things were so bad. 'I love you so much,' it said.

"'I love you enough to set you free.' I thought: maybe he's getting sick of me.

"Looking back, why was I so insecure? Why didn't I get that?"