An hour long film covering the memorial of cult author Hunter S Thompson is to be screened at the Starz Denver International Film Festival in Colorado on Saturday (12NOV05).

WHEN I DIE is directed by Wayne Ewing and follows the planning and attempts to secure local government approval to blast Thompson's ashes into the sky from a 15-storey tower, as well as the memorial service itself.

The Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas writer shot himself in the kitchen of his Owl Farm home in Woody Creek, near Aspen, Colorado, on 20 February (05). He was 67.

In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were fired from a 150 foot (45.7 metre) tower, topped by the his 'gonzo' journalism symbol of a red fist with two thumbs.

Celebrity friends, including Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Lyle Lovett and THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND joined Thompson's widow ANITA and 250 others at the private memorial in August (05), and watched his ashes join fireworks in the sky.