An electro music fest kicked off in Glasgow this week, with names such as Human League, HEAVEN 17 and ABC on its bill.

Martyn Ware and Ian Marsh were the founding members of the HUMAN LEAGUE, but left in 1980 to form HEAVEN 17.

Frontman Phil Oakey then recruited additional vocalists, Susanne Sulley and Joanne Catherall, with the line-up going on to enjoy chart success in the 1980s

However, Sulley said there was no tension between the bands on the new Steel City Tour, reports BBC 6 Music.

"In a weird sort of way we replaced Martin and Ian when they left so we didn’t really get to know them. There was never really any rivalry, a lot of the papers made a big deal out of it but it was all rubbish," she said.

Heaven 17 vocalist Glen Gregory said he was enjoying being on the same bill, as it brings back memories of good times and "fantastic songs".

According to Susanne Sulley, a new HUMAN LEAGUE album could soon be on the way.

03/12/2008 13:16:34