Hulk Hogan's estranged wife LINDA BOLLEA has asked a Florida court for access to her husband's financial records as part of their ongoing divorce battle - insisting he has not provided accurate accounts of his earnings.
Linda Bollea filed for divorce from her wrestling star husband - real name Terry Bollea - in November last year (07) after the breakdown of their 23-year marriage.
The former couple is currently fighting it out over the division of assets, with Hogan contesting Bollea's demand for a share of the family's multi-million dollar Florida properties, in addition to alimony and child support.
Bollea asked the court in Pinellas County, Florida last year (07) to order Hogan to give her lawyers access to all his financial records.
But papers filed on 3 April (08) accuse the former wrestler of not fully disclosing all of the details of his salaries from his various TV appearances and endorsement deals.
Hogan and Bollea have two children together - daughter Brooke, 19, and Nick, for whom Bollea is claiming primary custody and child support.