Hulk Hogan's estranged wife LINDA BOLLEA has launched a scathing attack on the mother of the victim left critically injured in a car crash caused by her son NICK BOLLEA.
In a telephone conversation taped by Florida's Pinellas County Jail, where Bollea is behind bars serving an eight-month sentence for the crash, Linda claims she is suffering more than the mother of 23-year-old John Graziano, who has been hospitalised with brain injuries following the 2007 car crash in Clearwater, Florida.
On the tape, obtained by, Linda can be heard telling her son: "Debbie (Graziano) didn't know you. I knew John, I knew you. I knew him better than his own mother knew him.
"She has no other recourse other than to be nasty and vindictive now. Because if she really knew the relationship between you and John, she'd be sad right now. She wouldn't be mad, she'd be devastated like I am. (But) she's not sad, she's just angry, like 'I want the money.'"
Sobbing uncontrollably, she continues, "I'm sad because I really appreciated you! She's not suffering, I am! I have the loss. I'm at the beach house all by myself, it's not the same!"
Bollea, 17, has been given five years probation and had his driver's license suspended for three years after Florida officials deemed him a dangerous driver, following the August (07) accident that left Graziano needing nursing care for the rest of his life.