LATEST: Hulk Hogan's son NICK BOLLEA has had his driving licence suspended for one year by police in Florida. The 17-year-old was booked on a dangerous driving charge in relation to his summer (07) car crash on 7 November (07). But officials in Tampa have suspended his licence because they deem him to be a dangerous driver. Ann Nucatola, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety + Motor Vehicles, says, "We have the ability to suspend someone's license if we believe what they could be convicted of is a potential danger should this person remain on the road. "We've deemed him dangerous to the general public on the road." Bollea has also been ordered to pay a fine for driving 170 kilometres per hour (106 miles per hour) during the crash or have his license suspended indefinitely. The amount of the fine was not known. The teen was travelling with his pal, U.S. Marine John Graziano, 22, when he lost control of his father's Toyota Supra on a Florida highway in August. According to officials, the vehicle flipped at high speed and collided with a palm tree. The teenager, who will be tried as an adult, turned himself in to police on 5 November (07) and was charged with reckless driving involving serious bodily injury.