Hulk Hogan underwent surgery on Wednesday (January 11, 2012) to clean up the mess left in his mouth by a dentist who accidentally ripped out 50 stitches. The former wrestling star went for dental surgery in October, but had a mold removed from his mouth, which also pulled out the stitches.
According to, Hogan's mouth became infected and antibiotics failed to do anything for the pain. After undergoing a Cat scan, it was revealed the doctor had left a metal tack in his mouth - something he had removed during the surgery last night. He said, "They had to drill a f**king hole in my face!...I have to have a meeting with my lawyers now". Following his divorce from wife Linda, it seems the wrestler turned reality star is ready to make a fresh start. Hulk has announced plans to make the foray into movies, but says he is starting by getting rid of his iconic moustache, saying, "I'm getting ready to go on some auditions. I'm getting ready to shave my head and my moustache. So that should be scary". After the surgery to fix his mouth, Hogan had a shrewd piece of advice for the youth of today, simply saying, "Theme for the day is ... kids, take care of your teeth".
Hulk's last appearance on screen came when he lent his voice to a character in Gnomeo & Juliet - the 2011 animated flick starring Emily Blunt and MAGGIE SMITH